Tuesday, June 7, 2011

i decided to not forget

that i am a photographer. i am an artist. and i do not employ that part of my created self nearly enough. not that in order to make art i can only take photos, but i think i need to take more time to create.
so, here's my meager start. a reminder to myself.

until further notice

i think tatum is my soul mate.

or something like that. however that applies in best friend world. she's just really great, and i am unbelievably blessed to have her as my friend.
this is a quote from mrs. kara towne about tatum and me: "your lives are gifts that one day you will fully know was a saving grace to each of you."
this is SO TRUE, i am fully confident that tatum is a picture of GOD'S GRACE manifested in my life. we didn't pick each other, we were handed to one another, and then drug through life and growth and whatever else. friendship is something that i don't quite understand, but i have learned that it is hard to come by in its purest form, and once you've found it then well, you better not loose track of it. because you'll be left wondering why other relationships are missing that depth of love and trust.