Sunday, July 31, 2011

richard henry wegner

i was in washington this past weekend to photograph my cousin's wedding. while i was there, my brother and i got to have breakfast with our grandpa. it was entertaining, as always. here are some photos of the event.
he decided that it was too loud in the restaurant, so he took his hearing aids out, but then couldn't hear us (or the waitress), so he put them back in. in case you were wondering, he stores them in his shirt pocket while they're not assisting his hearing.
he's 85, and also asked that i take a picture for his obituary. the wegner's tend to have an interestingly raw view of reality. i see now where i get it. it was a little windy on the deck, so i'm not sure how pleased he'll be with his hair blowing in the portrait, but i think it captures him alright.

on another note, my step dad ended up on the cover of this hiking magazine. they gave him three free copies, how nice of them.

Friday, July 22, 2011


i went on a photo shoot with blake and jesiah. we wandered downtown springfield (i know, great location!) it was fun. i let blake borrow my digital camera while i used my tlr. i'm hopefully going to get the film processed soon. poor blake though doesn't know much about cameras and my camera was set on manual. so his first 30 photos were a little over exposed. i took this first one in his apartment. he took the second photo of jesiah and i after i reset the camera for him.
when cory starts school in the fall i'm going to have him check out a negative scanner at the uo art library for me so i can scan a bunch of negatives, both 35mm and 120mm. then hopefully i can do something with some of the images i have stored away in binders!

Monday, July 11, 2011


i currently am working on textile based projects. i love fabric. i love making things. i'm looking forward to the challenging aspect of textiles. generally textile based art dips into the abstract realm of things... can be kinda weird. but thats ok. i feel like the challenging part is not getting too 'crafty', which is easy to do. i'm not really aiming to be crafty... but i suppose its ok if i have to fall into that category.
1. cloth napkins. not really art, but fun to make. a slow process (lots of folding and creasing)... i will post photos when they're done.
2. embroidery on canvas. done by hand. i found some bright blue canvas (a small piece of it can be seen in the second photo of this post) for a dollar at st. vincent's. i'm embroidering isaiah 40:25-36 in grey thread. it makes my fingers hurt. canvas was probably not the wisest choice on my part. but the color is just so great, it needed a purpose and i'm hoping the final outcome will make it worth it. i'm going to stretch it onto stretcher bars that are 36''x36''. of course, more photos to come later.

this is my work space. i'm moving into a new room next week and i'm excited to be able to spread out a bit. my tiny 10'x10' room is a little confining.