Friday, October 3, 2008


1. Name: Erin Wegner
Year in school: 3rd year/ Senior
Major area of study: Art: photography, minor: Italian

2. How do you pre-visualize your use of digital photography in your art?
I see digital photography as a wonderful means of continuing my work as an artist after I graduate, as I don’t foresee easy or cheap access to analog materials and equipment.

3. Describe your familiarity with digital photography:
I’ve been using digital photography for about five years, but haven’t put much effort into it as an art form; I’ve only used it for professional gigs such as sports pictures and weddings.

4. Do you have your own Mac? If yes, does this computer have Photoshop CS3 installed
on it? If you have a laptop, will you be bringing it into class?
Yes, yes, yes.

5. Honestly rate your ability to use Photoshop, (i.e. 0 = “I’ve never heard of this
photo shop” 10 = “I am a programmer at Adobe”) and briefly describe your familiarity
with/use of the software, if applicable:
(5): I’ve used Photoshop quite a bit, but only for basic touching-up of images. This summer I’ve spent a little more time with the program exploring more of its capabilities.

6. What is your greatest strength as an artist?
When I do spend time developing my ideas, I think I can successfully portray my thoughts with visual simplicity.

7. What is your greatest weakness as an artist?
I tend to run with the first thought that comes to me instead of spending time forming it into a good idea. Generally what happens next is that I do projects twice.

8. Name one goal you would like to accomplish while enrolled in this class:
I want to increase my appreciation and understanding of digital photography. I want to create a connection between myself and digital photography that enables me to create art that expresses myself, my thoughts and my emotions better than words can.

9. Name one lifetime goal:
I would like to gain a better understanding of our world, the people in it, and how I am influenced by both.

10. Complete the following sentence until you run out of things to write:
“If I could make any group of images in the world, without any restrictions,
they would…”
…speak truth.

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