Thursday, June 11, 2009


ok, so i know that i haven't "walked" yet, but i am done with college. this morning, at approximately 11:14am, i walked out of my art history final. as i walked down the hallway it slowly dawned on me exactly what just happened. ok, i'm actually still not sure about exactly is taking place. i'm done with college, i don't have a complete understanding of the meaning of that statement, but i like how it sounds and i like that i don't know what comes next.
this is what a college graduate looks like:

tomorrow all of my family will come here and we will start a weekend of over-exaggerated celebrations. i'm looking forward to it.


lindsaybrooke said...

amen! and we love that face :)

Hilary said...

it's not over exaggerated celebrations! you deserve it love!