Monday, February 9, 2009

studio lighting... food fetish


Jesiah said...

I honestly think the background light needs to be diffused a little more.. its causing a hot spot in the background.
Good job though... the smaller the space the harder it is to get clean lighting separation.

I love the fact that you put oil stains on the fat and oil bag!

Matthew Flood said...

Erin I really like how you depicted the "protein" as a strong looking bag, I agree with Jesiah on the oil on the "oils" bag. P.s. is it just me or did you make the shading and lighting on the "sweets" bag depict a smile? I could go on... on what I noticed as hidden depictions. "Veggies" has dirt on it.
"Fruit" is strong as well plus the sticker.
"Grains" are tall and skinny.(possibly depicting with the wrinkles that it will keep you around to an old age?
Correct me if I am wrong on any of them. This stuff sparks my curiosity. You are a creative artist:)

erinwegner said...

matthew, you're thinking very literally. art often comments on social issues and concerns. but don't think about it too hard :)

Matthew Flood said...

I think it is my analytical mind playing tricks on me, everything seems to want a detailed specific meaning up in it.
I will learn to take art less literal:)