Tuesday, February 3, 2009


i like this art. this guy is a graffiti artist from the UK. he's over publicized in the art world, but i still like what he's about. i appreciate his social commentaries and love that they're on such a large scale. i also love that he's pretty much anonymous as far as his real identity goes, and that he has started to move toward showing in galleries while remaining a 'street artist'.


lindsaybrooke said...
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Jesiah said...

thats cool... I always wondered who made that picture of the kid with the red balloon flying away.

I like blanksy... his art is really clear visually and with the message.

Have heard of brion gysin? He was one of the first people to take graffiti and mix it with caligraphy style brush strokes. Kind of neet to see banksy make a lot of his graffiti not look like graffiti. I bet brion gysin influenced banksy

lindsaybrooke said...

I mean I am a "Banksy" fan too! :)