Thursday, January 29, 2009

days of future past

this are some images of my first 'of loom textiles' assignment. the title of the assignment is 'days of future past'; its a reference to an x-men plot line in which the characters in the present are trying to prevent an event that they know is going to happen in the future. they fail, and whatever catastrophe that they were trying to prevent happens anyway. so our assignment is supposed to have to do with the future, or allude to it.
so what i did was, i crocheted a "chain" made of whatever crochet-able materials i could find. its all one, long connected chain and alludes to the span of my life and the events that occur along the way. during the process, if a material inspired some thought about my life, i would write it down on a piece of white fabric, then attach the strip to the chain with a piece of copper wire. part of the idea of this work is that it won't be finished until, well, i die. it also refers to the repetitiveness of daily life, the notion that we get along with what we can find, and the fact that all the pieces of our life affect the following pieces and we must continue to build upon what we have already been through.
i know its kind of silly. i generally don't make art like this. i think that for some reason sculpture is super abstract to me, and i'm not used to working in this medium. it made more sense for me to photograph both the process and the product. oh, and i decided to present the work in a suitcase, to further push the idea that no matter how we feel about the 'baggage' and experiences in our lives, we usually have to carry them around with us... praise the lord that jesus fixes the broken parts for us

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lindsaybrooke said...

erin... I love this.... I think aside from a college assignment, it is a beautiful way to document your life... :)