Monday, January 19, 2009

it tasted like poison

today i applied to graduate. you're supposed to apply one term before the term that you graduate, which for me is next term. it was kinda scary for about half a second, i almost decided to apply later this term, but once i got it over with it was much less scary than anticipated. in fact, it was very anticlimactic. i got to check a few boxes for the alumni association (for the craft center and young life), then when i was finished it went back to the screen that i see all the time.

this morning i went to starbucks, and there was an old lady in front of me in line. she had her walker and when she got the register she turned it around to sit on it while she proceeded to interrogate the barista about how her house coffee would be served; how much cream would be in it and whether or not it would be caffeinated. because yesterday she got an americano, she took it home and when she went to drink it, "it tasted like poison!". she basically accused the barista of purposely giving her the most disgusting thing she could think of ever consuming. i laughed for about three blocks when i got back in the car.
i think i will like being an old lady.

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ciao e buona giornata