Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i electrocuted myself today

Today I was making a lamp for one of my classes. While I was putting the hardware together, I plugged the light into the wall before putting the socket shell with the paper liner inside (because I wanted to make sure that I put it together correctly)... and when I flipped the switch to turn on the light, it electrocuted me! My hand locked up for a second and then I threw it at the wall, and the light bulb exploded. Then my arm was numb and tingly up to my elbow. It broke the socket, so I had to go take one from a different lamp I made.
Tatum, Kelsey, and Tucker witnessed the whole thing. It was really funny about a minute later.
Here's a picture of the lamp that almost cost me my life...


Jesiah said...

1. I'm glad you're ok
2. I've done the same thing before! I electricuted myself to where my whole arm felt like it was vibrating... lost feeling in my arm and part of my shoulder lol.
3. I now understand why the word shocking means what it does.

Kolby said...

hahahahah eeeep! glad you are ok so we can run into each other!!