Friday, January 2, 2009

peace has nothing to do with the earth, nor can it be found there

I read Psalm 4 today.
I can call on the Lord, and I am dependent on His answer, He is not dependent on my call. I call out to Him because He has redeemed me in the past, I have faith that His grace and mercy will be poured out again. David the Psalmist, as well as myself, desires for men to give up their worldly pursuits and to seek God. How long will it take for their eyes to be opened? If they only knew that God's worth is inexpressible and that His intent is that we would understand the Truth. That Lord has set apart the saved to do His work. He hears when I call out to Him, He hears when all call out to Him. Have fear of the Lord so not to sin. A person with no respect for God has no reason to follow His ordinances. Meditate on the Word of God, on your sin and shortcomings, on God's grace. Be still in the presence of the Lord. Your sacrifice to the Lord is to be righteous, not tainted by unholy motives, by resentment, by being less than whole-hearted. To trust God is to be committed to Him, to show your faith in action. Faith is not just something to have, it is something to do. The unbelievers' lack of faith blinds them to the glorious light of God. I once has the same attitude, but God has changed my heart. The Lord gives more joy than could ever be provided by anything on this earth. In all situations, only the Lord can provide safety. He is always with me, so I can lay down my head in peace, a peace that only the Lord can give, that surpasses all understanding.
Peace has nothing to do with the earth, nor can it be found there.

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