Sunday, March 1, 2009

statement of the week according to erin and tatum

The Bible should stretch you. You can't stretch the Bible.

These past couple weeks I've been reading a book titled "Evangelical Feminism and Biblical Truth" by Wayne Grudem. Basically he addresses a lot (180 or something) of claims by "evangelical feminists" about what the Bible says about various women-related topics (mostly concerning women's roles in ministry and marriage). The conclusion that Tatum and I have come to is that within this subject, and many other "controversial" Biblical topics, liberal Christians and other people opposed to the truth of the Bible stretch God's word to fit their views, claims, ideals, etc. We are to desire for the Word to stretch us! It seems so simple, that we are to read the Word with a pure and humble heart. But then too many people read things into scripture that are simply not there. Many people have this silly idea that the Bible is meant to fit into and change for culture. This idea can lead toward universalism and has infinite possibilities for false doctrine.
God's Word is truth, and He wants purity of heart and a humble spirit from us.