Monday, March 21, 2011

bring projects

i've been wanting to check out this place called Bring Recycling, its in Glenwood, which is a strange little town, I would actually call it an in-between. Basically, Bring is full of all sorts of fun, dirty, old pieces of people's houses. For example: doors, windows, hardware, moulding, sinks (lots of sinks). Sometimes you can find really great pieces to use as art/decoration/etc. on my trip out, i found a couple of fun things. a window, which has one pane of frosted glass. and some pulls for my dresser drawers! i have been looking for drawer pulls all year! but they're expensive and i never found any that were quite right. these were only $0.50 each and were so simple! (all the ones that i've found have been too decorative). of course, these finds created a couple projects for the rest of my day...
i'm not sure what i will end up doing with the window. i would like to paint the wood to make it look really clean. i'm not looking for the "shabby" look. my first inclination is to paint it yellow. but i have beat yellow into the ground, and i need to branch out. we will just see. i might go to the UO art store, because they have a wonderful spray paint color selection. i'm also thinking of using white vinyl on the glass. not sure what i will cut out though. lettering or imagery? it will probably be lettering, but that takes so long that i'll have to be really dedicated to the project to make that decision. after sanding all the wood, the window cleaned up pretty well! has good potential as a luminaire, but that would require some more construction. potential is always hopeful though.

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