Thursday, March 10, 2011

matrimony... however holy

so... i have recently been presented the opportunity to design wedding invites for a number of gals that i know. the images above aren't quite complete. they are basically "appropriated" images. i created them in illustrator, and gave them my own twist of course. i deserve no credit in all reality. its kindof fun... but not my favorite thing.

reasons i DO like designing wedding invites, save the dates, etc:
1. creative outlet
2. people are getting married! i'm usually a fan of that.
3. i get to use illustrator & photoshop for hours on end and get mindlessly sucked into the computer (only downfall: my eyes start to sting. but i turned the brightness down on my computer)
4. there must be more reasons... hm.

reasons i DO NOT like designing wedding invites, save the dates, etc:
1. people are very picky (understandably so, i would be to)
2. people are also very vague (1 & 2 are a very bad combo) they don't communicate their pickiness until after you made what you thought they wanted. then they just send you pictures to copy instead of letting you be creative
3. i usually spend much more time than intended on any given project
4. don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining, just processing. trying to understand "people"


lindsaybrooke said...

I about freaked when I saw this post! lol

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