Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i am a basket case

its official, i have completely transformed from a space-cadet to a basket case. ok, i may have retained some space-cadet tendancies, but have developed a wide array of basket case characteristics. most of my hours are scheduled, and the rare ones that aren't are a scramble to complete my overflowing plate of assignments. i am learning to deal with something new: stress (most people in their 3rd year in college have already learned about stress, but until recently, i hadn't encountered it). although i am astonishingly more productive than i have ever been in the past, i still feel as if i get about 1/2 the things done that i need to.

the good news: God is stretching me! i've been growing a lot for the past year +, and its amazing to see the ways the Lord is continuing the process. i love that this process is humbling and always shows me how much i need to rely on Him. so yes, i have to figure out how to be diligent and work hard and serve God and seek him, and while its a lot to learn, i love it.

God is good, and i can't wait until this term is over.

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