Tuesday, April 7, 2009

screen printing adventures...

i'm taking a screen printing class! its quite a bit of work, but i really like the process. i have to think a lot about layers, and i can work from photo-based images, so its really fun. last night i stayed at the studio until about 2:30. i was making a few prints, and then making images on my computer to print out and then to put onto the screen. here are the images i worked on, i just put the one of my dad onto my screen, it has four layers, and i'll probably go make the print on wednesday night after church!
oh, and the bottom image is of me as a baby at the ocean, although its a bit distorted and hard to tell. i'm excited to see how these turn out in print form.

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lindsaybrooke said...

yay for silkscreen! I love the image of you as a little kiddo.... so cute!