Sunday, April 26, 2009

the incident

weird things keep happening to me!
today, i was riding my bike home down 14th st, and a girl in a suburban opened her car door about five feet in front of me! i ran into the door full speed and head-on. it was like hitting a brick wall. i ended up on my back, in the street next to my bike. i was quite surprised to say the least. the girl was very concerned, understandably. i got up, was fine for the most part. the front wheel fell off my bike, but i just put it back on. then i invited the girl and her friend to church, after explaining that i knew this was a strange and awkward situation. then i put the chain back on the gears and rode away. my bike is kinda wobbly, so i need to take it to the shop and get it straightened out. and my knee hurts, but not a lot.


Jesiah said...

yikes bikes.... yikes car door!

lindsaybrooke said...

that's exactly what I do when someone hurts me.... "Want to come to church?" lol you are too cute.