Sunday, April 12, 2009

the narrative

here is my most recent photography project. its not actually due until next monday, which is appalling because i don't think that i've ever finished any project a whole week early! i changed the lighting from the last two 'chapters' of this narrative; this lighting is much more romantic and surreal.
so the idea for this 'chapter' flooded my brain on friday as i was walking home from school in the morning. i had been hoping to come up with something in my brainstorming process, but nothing that i had thought of seemed complete enough or posed enough questions. part of this series is that it tends to encourage the viewer to ask questions that in my opinion, are unanswerable. the actions of the character in these images don't quite make sense, don't seem to have a purpose or direction. although i'm looking forward to see where this stairway goes and why that light might be so blinding.

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